OUT NOW: DJ COMBO – The Album (The Collection Of Singles)

In September 2015 DJ Combo has come across KHB Music, where he has released his first single „Party Hard“.
It was a great movement in his music carrer. This album is a collection of 11 songs which have been released as a singles since 2015 until 2018. The album features a lot of great artists like : Tony T, Papajam, Alba Kras, MC Duro, Maureen Sky Jones, Sherman de Vries, Donnie Ozone, Anna del Rose, Martin Nocun, Discotek, DJ Raphael.
DJ Combo is able to produce music in different genres, what you can hear on this album, there are song in Pop, Latin, Dance, House style but also in more „festival“ edm style. All songs from the album were very succesfull, reaching many various charts all over the world, but the most succesfull were : „Happy People“, „Boom Boom“, „Party Hard“, „Trying“.
KHB Music has done an amazing work for this success with promotion of all songs, without the label great work and energy it will never be possible.We hope you will like the album and wish you a nice listetning to the songs.

Order Now -> https://www.feiyr.com/x/BP9QJ