OUT NOW: Chris Rockford, FR3SH TrX, Miq Puentes – Baby

„Piano House is back and better than ever: DJs and producers Chris Rockford, Fr3sh TRX, and Miq Puentes have joined forces for their latest single ‚Baby‘. This collaboration marks the first time the three successful artists have worked together on a song. With their unique blend of Piano House and Pop music and the impressive vocals of the singer, ‚Baby‘ is the perfect song for fans of danceable beats and catchy melodies.

Chris Rockford, Fr3sh TRX & Miq Puentes have already achieved international success with hits like ‚Tell Me ‘, ‚Blinded By The Light‘, ‚You Got Me‘ and ‚Tonight in Los Angeles‘. ‚Baby‘ is the trio’s first truly joint project and promises to conquer dance floors worldwide.

The release of ‚Baby‘ is scheduled for June 9, 2023 and will be released via the KHB Music sublabel XWAVEZ. The song is sure to make waves and excite fans of Piano House. Look out for this amazing track and let yourself be carried away by the unique beats and melodies. Party on!

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