Jenifer Brening with two big releases in October & November

Jenifer Brening releases Pop-Anthem Single „Remember“ on 21. October 2016
Songs that start with a thunderstorm create tension, incite expectations and just have something mystical. Whether „Riders on the Storm“ by The Doors, Seal’s „Love’s Devine“, or „Grenade“  by Bruno Mars, all  these songs fullfilled the expectations and became huge hits.
And also „Remember“,Jenifer Brening’s third single which will be released on October 21st via KHB Music, has got what it takes to become a hit. Jenifer grew up with modern media, thrilled the users on Youtube and earned respect in „the real world“ by taking part and winning several singing contests. She evolved from a brilliant teenage singer to a serious songwriter.
19-year old Jenifer composed „Remember“, wrote the lyrics and worked the song out together with her producer André Müther, the way they already did with the previous singles „ASAP“ and „Miracle“. For „Miracle“ Jenifer is currently nominated in America at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the category „Pop“.
One can understand „Remember“ as a classical „separation-ballad“, with real emotions and the right grain of pathos. In the verse you can hear the desparation and in the chorus you’ll feel the salvation. The young women from the story demands self-confidently to remember the shared time and Jenifer’s voice credibly transports what we all have already experienced.
Timeless strings mix up with modern beats and wonderful melody-sceneries. Jenifer’s unique timbre combines all these ingredients to a really huge hymn.
Grammy-winner Philip Larsen contributes two brilliant remixes that give the song a special   drive and that will make you dance. „Remember“ is the harbinger of Jenifer’s debut album which will be released as CD and download on the 4th of November by KHB Music.

Jenifer Brening will releases her debut album „Recovery“ on 04. November 2016
Jenifer Brening, just aged 19, can already look back at an extraordinary musical career. As a child she discovered her love for music and was encoured by her parents to go for her goals. As a teenager she worked constantly on her voice, got lots of fans on Youtube and earned the respect of the music and media industry at several national and international singing contests. Among other things she was finalist of a show called „The winner is“ which was produced by legendary John de Mol for the popular German TV station Sat 1.
Jenifer who was born in the German capital Berlin, also convinces as a songwriter. On 04.11.2016 her debut album „Recovery“ will be released by the label KHB Music. It has to be highlighted that Jenifer composed all songs of the album by herself. Also she wrote all the lyrics and created an absolutely authentic and unique album.
After she attracted national and international attention with her debut single „ASAP“ and the follow up „Miracle“ for which she is currently nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in America, she released the emotional power-ballad „Remember“ in October and is now putting more wood on the fire by releasing her long-awaited debut album „Recovery“.
„Recovery“ offers 14 high-class songs between Pop and Dance, but also R’n’B (Siblings) and influences from Reggae (Party Shore) can be heard. Jenifer proves a powerful voice like her role model Christina Aguilera, emotionality like Rihanna, versatility like Katy Perry and „Zeitgeist“ like Sia. Producer André Müther complemented Jenifer’s credible lyrics and songs with modern beats and timelessly Pop-arrangements. Together they created an extraordinary album that surely will make Jenifer reach the next step of her career.

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recovery-album-cover-1400 Release Date: 04.11.2016 –  Label: KHB Music
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jenifer-brening-remember-14 Release Date: 21.10.2016 –  Label: KHB Music
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