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Jenifer Brening‪#‎ASAP‬ (REMIXES) – Release-Date: 12.06.2015
Ten new Mixes & Special Versions!!!
Not ASAP, but NOW: Jenifer Brening raises the ante – with „ASAP-Remixes“
The ASAP original alone, which was published barely 2 months ago, was convincing across the board: For weeks it asserted itself in the Amazon and iTunes-hit-lists as well as in a variety of German and international dance and club charts. The song written by Jenifer Brening herself also found its way into the playlists of various radio stations, e.g. KISS.FM, radio Salü, radio GONG, radio fantasy, SR1 and many more.
Now the only 18-year old singer with the big voice raises the ante and publishes another 10 versions of her successful Dance Pop ASAP (remixes) hit.
Apart from a club-suited radio version by Grammy winner Philip Larsen (Manhattan Clique) the publication of ASAP (remixes) also offers House and EDM mixes by D-Lay, the producer of the original version, as well as the Cologne DJ-duo Casa & Nova, which at the moment is stirring up the Dance charts with its EDM hymn RDY. A version by PNO the talented producer from Saarbrücken is included. The monster remix publication is completed by different mixes by Peter Tanico (the USA), Sava Boric (the USA) and Al’sic (France) as well as a very special acoustic and instrumental version of the song.