FR3SH TrX & Tom Skobe “Laila“ – for everybody that counts in life

FR3SH TrX has joined forces with Tom Skobe and with „Laila“ they deliver a song that is second to none!

Though it is their first collab, you can tell that the musical chemistry is right. „Laila“ has everything a successful song needs nowadays: a danceable groove, catchy vocals and a flawless, yet unique production. The vocals in particular stand out from today’s productions, as they are touching with a melancholic note, which then dissolves into confidence.

FR3SH TrX and Tom Skobe skilfully manage to play with emotions on „Laila“ and that’s what makes this song so important for good playlists, clubs and mainstream radio.

Sven Hessel, aka FR3SH TrX has been busy and has had 11 releases in the last year since the release of his debut single „Tonight in Los Angeles“, some solo singles, some collabs. In total, the German producer and KHB Music label boss has been streamed more than 1.6 million times so far. All tracks were placed in various dance and club charts, sometimes even in the top 10.

Tom Skobe aka Carsten Korte is a German producer and DJ who started his career in the mid-90s in the Techno and Euro Dance era. Among other things, Carsten wrote in-game music for various game software companies and was awarded an international prize for “Best Music” in 2003. In the past he produced songs for various German projects including Sun & Dark, Dream Sound Masters, DJ Romano, Himbeereis and many more.

Download & Streaming Urls:  https://bfan.link/laila