Tom Skobe and Ian Source join forces with ‚The Fighters‘, a massive Dance/House track to kick off the year. The song not only has the absolutely positive message to stay strong, but also embodies this through its great, sometimes raw energy that invites you to dance. The single is released in the radio and in the club version.

Smart-Link: https://bfan.link/the-fighters

Background info: Tom Skobe aka Carsten Korte is a German producer and DJ who began his career in the mid-1990s in the Techno and Eurodance era. Among other things, Carsten wrote in-game music for various game software companies and was awarded an international prize for “best music” in 2003. In the meantime, Tom Skobe has been able to generate more than 2 million streams and is an integral part of the German, Austrian and Swiss dance scene.

Ian Source’s is not a blank page either: With releases on Monster Tunes, Bonzai Records, TOKA Beatz, D.Max Recordings, State Control, Mental Madness Records & Pulsive Media and many other well-known labels, Berlin-born Oliver Marx alias Ian Source come up and has often proved to have a lucky hand when it comes to a hit.

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