FR3SH TrX – Bye Bye

Bye Bye

18. August 2023


  1. Bye Bye (Original Mix) 02:49


FR3SH TrX „Bye Bye“

FR3SH TrX is back with his new single „Bye Bye“. While the German producer is usually more at home in the House and Dance area, Sven Hessel, so FR3SH TrX’s real name, dares to conquer  new realms this time, namely Pop and R&B and he does it with success!

„Bye Bye“ is an absolutely smooth track that invites you to chill and dance, but also has an absolute catchy character. Perfect for every mainstream playlist, for the radio and the next beach party!

Lyrically, the song is deep and modern, and deals with the emotional side of interpersonal relationships and the challenges that come with it.