Promo & PreSale Start: Grayhound O.C.D. – Open Eyes

KHB Music got offspring, means two tiny healthy sublabels!
After their first slap on the derriere, they are making a lot of noise and develop greatly!
While „XWaveZ“ is making huge inroads in the clubscene, „Handmade Tunes“, as the name says, is responsible for great handmade music from the genres Rock, Independent and Singer/Songwriter.
As first song on „Handmade Tunes“ we`d like to present „Open Eyes“ from Grayhound O.C.D.
Normally domiciled in the Indie genre and appreciated for their hymnic-rocking songs, Grayhound O.C.D. created a ballad which fits the tradition of the classical singer/songwriters. An emotional and gently played guitar plus the charismatic vocals from frontman Gray. That’s all it needs to tell a good story.
The video captures the emotions of the song and show eyes as the key to the soul, no matter where you are. Eyes reflect our feelings and the search for safety, love and joy, they make us all equal. Time to make your way through life with open eyes!

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