DJ Territo – My Love (Release-Date: 28/04/2017)

DJ Territo – MY LOVE  the brandnew hot single incl. remixes by Ramba Zamba, DJ Juma & Threepoints, Cannonball, DJ TuneX, A.Voltage, Deenamo, DJ Marauder, DJ MikeCrane, FLRN, G-Lati &Mellons, Mynonzo , ParanoiD , Timmy Truth, Nick7ven
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DJ Territo Springs into Festival Season with his New Single “My Love”
Inspired by his love of cool club tracks backed by strong vocals, DJ Territo and KHB Music are back to get everyone pumping to a vibrant new single called My Love.  Destined to be a spring anthem, the single is remixed by DJ Juma , Ramba Zamba , DJ Cannonball and other artists.
Popular throughout clubs since he first arrived on the scene, DJ Territo has proven a contender in the industry, consistently climbing the charts with hits like Dirty Beatz, which went all the way to the number 1 spot on the British Dance Chart in June 2014.  The following year his throbbing single Yo (Check This Out) hit dancefloors everywhere and sailed up the Swiss Dance Chart to the number 2 position.
His subsequent signing with KHB Music has pushed DJ Territo’s career to even greater heights, taking his first single with the record label, Happiness, all the way to number one on the Electro House Chart Top 20 in 2016. The same year saw his single, Back to You, also dancing its way up the Webradio DJ Chart to number 1 and number 4 in the Dance50 Charts.
DJ Territo’s exuberance shows through in his music.  His enthusiasm and talent for creating party house rhythms that make people want to dance until they drop is contagious, spreading throughout his sound and throngs of fans that just can’t get enough.
Once his music takes hold, his audience remains captive party goers until he sets them free.  You never know what you are going to hear as this brilliant mixer and masher of all the music he loves spins out a style that is truly unique, keeping the house rocking until the dawn.
With successful tracks already demonstrating his massive talent, DJ Territo only continues to rise to the top.  There is no stopping this EDM, progressive house and electro sound producer.  It is without doubt that his soulful vocals and pulsating beats will have every pair of feet in the house out on the floor and cranking up to full tilt with My Love, set for release 28. April 2017.
Want more news about this exciting artist?  Check out KHB Music’s latest news, visit DJ Territo’s webpage or connect with him on Facebook.