Out Now: Jenifer Brening – Breathe

Jenifer Brening releases her single „Breathe“ from her debut album „Recovery“
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„Love is like Oxygen“ – already The Sweet did know that in the golden Disco and Glam-Rock era in the 1970s. This knowledge remains the same, even decades later. Jenifer Brening who releases her new single „Breathe“ via the label KHB Music on April 7th deals  with the same topic. Everyone has a soulmate that fills you up with joy. If you split with this person, everything will change, you have to face inner struggles and it feels like you have stopped breathing.

„Breathe“ is the 4th single (2 pre-released singles, „ASAP“ and „Miracle“) from her debut album „Recovery“ which was released by the end of 2016. With this album Jenifer could not only establish her „soulful Pop-voice“ but also her remarkable talent as a songwriter and lyricist. She composed all songs and filled them up with experiences she made on her „way to maturity“. Being only 20 years old she can already look back at an astonishing career at the music biz: a continuous growing fanbase on Youtube and on Social Media, participation and success at several international singing contests, great performances and a high-quality TV presence.
As a teenager she was finalist of „The Winner is“, a show on German TV that was created by the entertainment legend John de Mol. Now as a young woman her album „Recovery“ ensured that she was invited to Germany’s most-important TV station ARD for an interview and to perform an unplugged version of her 3rd success-single „Remember“ at the morning show. She did a really great job and presented herself absolutely well in front of an huge audience. But her success also grows on an international basis. She was nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and paid a visit to the States in November 2016 to join the awards.
„Breathe“ is a catchy midtempo track. The vocals combine a tempting falsetto with power- and soulful parts. Producer André Müther ennobled the song with fresh beats and modern arrangements so that they have created a 100 % radio-suitable Dance-Pop track.
There are six more club-proof and trendy radio versions which are released as a bundle with the single. Check out the remixes by Grammy-winner Philip Larsen, Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave, Steve Cypress, Casa & Nova plus Kenny Laakkinen.

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