OUT NOW: XWaveZ the Spring Edition 2019

Our Special Price Compilation include many XWaveZ Releases in special extended & club mixes. Also exclusive on the compilation is DJ Rob de Blanks`s Track „Don`t be Scare“ in special progressive House Remix Version!
Enjoy our spring dance & club collection! incl. DJ Rob de Blank, DJ Combo, DJ Martz feat. Timi Kullai, G-Lati, Mellons feat. Diany, B.Infinite & Chris Cowley, Rafael Maur, MC Duro, X-ite Project, DJ Most Money, Jarxx, Ian Turner, Tony T, Nadia, Speed Master DJ and many more…


  1. DJ Rob de Blank – Don’t Be Scare (Remix Version) (EXCLUSIVE TRACK!)
  2. DJ Combo, DJ Martz – Bright Side of Life (feat. Timi Kullai) (Marcus Pl Remix)
  3. G-Lati, Mellons – Body n‘ Soul (feat. Diany) (Extended Mix)
  4. B.Infinite, Chris Cowley – Near (Mathew Brabham Remix)
  5. MC Duro – Supergirl (Rayman Rave Remix)
  6. X-ite project – Commin Back Around (feat. Natalia) – (Extended Mix)
  7. DJ Raphael, Criss W – True Love (Extended Mix)
  8. DJ Most Money – Just a DJ (Extended Mix)
  9. Jarxx – Zombie Apokalypse
  10. Marq Aurel, Rayman Rave, Maureen Sky Jones – Whats Wrong with You (Extended Mix)
  11. Ian Turner, Tony T – #1 (Steve Cypress Remix)
  12. Rafael Maur – Silent (Extended Mix)
  13. Nadia – Feel the Summer (Lucas Park & Victhor Abreu Remix)
  14. CandyCrash, Since Shock – Sparkles
  15. Will G, Marq Aurel, Rayman Rave – Living in Ibiza (Baseto & Voggi & Mipchunkz Remix)
  16. Speed Master DJ – Come Around (Extended Mix)
  17. Tony T – Running Home (feat. Infinity DJS) – Extended Mix
  18. Nadia, Alan Divall – Superstar (Alchemist Project Remix)
  19. Jenifer Brening – Miracle (Marc Seekey Club Remix)
  20. Seelay, Amirali, Dj Payman – Vay (Radio Edit