Hasenbar – Nachtwanderung durch dein Gehirn

Nachtwanderung durch dein Gehirn



  1. J. Mascis, rette mich!
  2. Cordula ist tot
  3. Horst Lüning-Song
  4. Nachtwanderung durch dein Gehirn
  5. Mir egal
  6. Überall woanders
  7. Baby, ich liebe den Hardrock
  8. Wir sind jung (und das war schön)
  9. Was noch?
  10. Bis die Sonne aufgeht


Hasenbar – go on a night hike with fluffy rabbits!

Hasenbar (Rabbit Bar) are a German Indie Rock Band. They combine style and strange humour as they are dressed with suits and rabbit masks, just like a furry version of Slipknot. But of course their sound varies from the US Heavy Rock band.

Hasenbar play germanophone Indie Rock, a style which was called „Hamburg School“ in the 1990’s.

Check out their current longplayer. Meet Horst Lüning, the „Godfather of Online-Whisky-Tasting“,  bow down to J. Mascis  from Dinosaur Jr. and listen to the love story about  Cordula, their favourite rubber doll!

By the way, Hasenbar are named after a former bordello in their hometown.

On 13.01.2017 the album will be released by the KHB Music Sublabel Handmade Tunes.