Various Artists – Handmade Tunes Vol. 1

Handmade Tunes Vol. 1
Various Artists



  1. Copeya – Remedy
  2. An Assfull Of Love – Celebrate Your Life
  3. Hella Donna – Liberty
  4. Grayhound O.C.D. – Where My Heart Has It’s Home
  5. UK’s Homage – 2150 Ad
  6. Cindy Marlow – Truth
  7. Beat the Waves – Over Dover Rover
  8. Under Burning Skin – Perfect Stranger
  9. Rebuilt Electric – Sleeping the Day Away
  10. Yesterdays Fate – For the Last Time
  11. Sayee – Black Soul
  12. Rieger Rockstar – Warmduscher
  13. The Sentimental Gentlemen – Dreh‘ mich im Kreis


In good time for the start of the new KHB sublabel for Rock, Indie & Singer-Songwriter, the compilation „Handmade Tunes Vol. 1“ will be released on the eponymous label in mid-July. The new label with the meaningful name „Handmade Tunes“  was originated to promote and to market music from the genres Rock, Punk, Indie und Singer-Songwriter purposefully. The 13 tracks-including compilation presents a cross section of the mentioned genres. Whether Hardrock, Ballads, Punk, or groovy Indie-Sounds, the sampler shows how varied and emotional music can be. But one thing all these tracks have in common, they are real manual labour and manual craft, means, they are all Handmade Tunes!