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groovin’ abstrax „Lisa“ – time travel through German Rockmusic!

“Haste makes waste” as the saying goes. Sometimes also songs take their time. Olaf “Osch” Hellbusch wrote “Lisa” in the 1980s, a time when German song poets such as Herbert Grönemeyer or Heinz Rudolf Kunze ruled the charts. But it was only in 2013 or 14 when Hellbusch recorded the song with his band/music collective “groovin ‘abstrax” in the current version. The studio was demolished shortly afterwards and set up elsewhere, so that “Lisa” was dormant in its individual parts until 2020.

The song was completed in spring and will be released on May 1st, 2020 via the KHB Music sub-label Handmade Tunes. “Lisa” combines the spirit of the 80s with the current zeitgeist, rock guitars meet synths, modern beats & sounds alternate with prog-rock attitude and a “happy sing-along” in the style of early German Wave Music completes the track as a unique journey through the past decades.

Lyrically the number is a bit cryptic, in the typical style of groovin ‘abstrax, but “nevertheless a classic boy meets girl number”, as Hellbusch says. The lead vocals were done by Michael Deichert a.k.a Gray, who is known as the singer of the band “Grayhound O.C.D.”.

groovin‘ abstrax is:

Olaf „Osch“ Hellbusch, Gitarre

Rainer Melk, Bass, Voc.

Anne Lüdemann, Piano, Synth.

Serjoscha Nöcker, Schlagzeug

Bert Hutzler, Gitarre, Synth.

Gast-Vocals: Michael Deichert

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