AmbienceEchoes – Spheres


24. December 2023


AmbienceEchoes Unveils Debut „Spheres“ on Christmas Eve

Producer and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel (FR3SH TrX, Hella Donna) introduces his latest project, “ AmbienceEchoes,“ with the debut release of „Spheres“ on December 24, 2023. „Spheres“ promises a captivating journey through Downtempo, Chill Out, Lo-Fi, and Ambient sounds.

„Spheres“ marks AmbienceEchoes‘ inaugural release, strategically chosen for December 24 to enhance the festive atmosphere.

The track features a distinctive piano melody line and ethereal female vocals, carried by a warm sonic tapestry, taking listeners on a unique sonic expedition.

Commenting on the release, Sven Hessel states, „AmbienceEchoes is a way for me to showcase my love for music in a new light. ‚Spheres‘ is not just a track but a voyage through different sonic dimensions that I want to share with the audience.“