B.Infinite & Linda Jo Rizzo – The Sign

The Sign
B.Infinite & Linda Jo Rizzo



  1. The Sign (Short Edit) – 02:46
  2. The Sign (Funky Late Nite Edit) – 05:35
  3. The Sign (Radio Version) – 03:40

Bio Linda Jo Rizzo

Linda came to Germany in 1985 with her former group “The Flirts”. For weeks, the title “Passion” was in the top ten German, European and international hit parades. More hits followed. After The Flirts splitted, Linda was produced by Fancy. Her Italian-American temperament combined with “New York’s way of life” and Linda’s passion for live performance made her a world-renowned artist.


B.Infinite & Linda Jo Rizzo ‚The Sign‘ – Funky Flirt!

B.Infinite is an absolute Nu Disco expert. In the last few months the Billboard artist, songwriter, producer and remixer has released numerous, extremely successful tracks in this genre via KHB Music.

For the current single ‚The Sign‘ he was again able to win Disco legend Linda Jo Rizzo. Linda, B.Infinite and Chris Cowley already released the song ‚Come Back‘ in 2019.

Linda Jo Rizzo is known from her former group ‚The Flirts‘, with which she came to Germany in 1985. For weeks, the title ‚Passion‘ was in the top ten of the German, European and international hit parades. More hits followed.

On ‚The Sign‘ Linda’s smooth vocals have a funky liaison with B.Infinite’s groovy beats.

Bio B.Infinite

Billboard-Artist, songwriter, producer and remixer with five No.1 hits in 2017 and 2018 alone.

B.Infinite having his roots in the Electronic production of Bass and Miami-Style, he goes way back in the early 90s as a Producer. In the end of 80´s he started out as a DJ collecting huge amount of Electro, Miami Bass and early Hip-Hop & Funk/Soul Records.

He was one of the first DJs in his area to play these kind of tunes and getting a real reputation as a progressive DJ being way ahead of his time. He always felt not challenged enough by only playing this music to this audience, so he soon felt the urge to get into the production sector to produce his own music. He was one of the pioneers in the late 90´s to also experiment with virtuals instruments, later to referred as Plug-In Synthesizers, believing that this can be the future of Electronic Music Production.

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