Ian Source & Copamore – I Think We Should Stay

I Think We Should Stay
Ian Source & Copamore

03. December 2021


  1.  I Think We Should Stay 03:21


Ian Source & Copamore ‘I Think We Should Stay‘ – flying high together!

With ‘I Think We Should Stay‘ we accompany the established House producer Ian Source on his first trip into the Tropical House genre. In order to ‘sit safely in the saddle‘, he collaborated with the Schaller brothers aka Copamore, who celebrated their successful comeback in 2016 with the Tropical House smasher ‘Where’s Your Love‘.

Michael Schaller and Thomas Schaller had a surprise hit as ‘Serum‘ with their track ‘Step Into The Light‘, which was published by Universal Austria and played in discos around the globe in the early 2000s. Ian Source’s references are impressive, too: Berlin-born Oliver Marx alias Ian Source had releases via Monster Tunes, Bonzai Records, TOKA Beatz, D.Max Recordings, State Control, Mental Madness Records & Pulsive Media and many other well-known labels. Also he has a good sense, when it comes to hit songs.

Ian Source and Copamore release ‘I Think We Should Stay‘ together via KHB Music. The cover alone reveals a lot about the House track with beautiful melody lines and stimulating beats: Enjoying freedom and the moment side by side and go together on a flight of fancy.

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