Various Artists – Soundjungle Hits 2020

Soundjungle Hits 2020
Various Artists



  1. Danky Cigale & Sydney-7 – Boom Boom (Single Version)
  2. DJ Combo & DJ Merk feat. Timi Kullai – The Summer Is Magic 2k19 (NaXwell Remix)
  3. B.Infinite – Stand (US Edit)
  4. DJ Rob de Blank – Don’t Look Back
  5. Rayman Rave & MC Duro – This Is My Bay
  6. B.Infinite & Chris Cowley feat. Linda Jo Rizzo – Come Back (Radio Version)
  7. G-Lati & Mellons feat. Stephanie – Red Life (Radio Edit)
  8. Patrick G-Spot feat. Danky Cigale & Jenny Joao – OK
  9. DJ Combo & DJ Martz feat. Timi Kullai – Bright Side of Life (Max R. Radio Edit)
  10. D.C. LaRue – Hot Jungle Drums and Voodoo Rhythm (Paul Goodyear’s San Fran Disko African Queens Remix)
  11. X-ite Project feat. Doobie Rush – One of a Kind (Airplay Mix)
  12. B.Infinite – Lounging Around
  13. Jenifer Brening – Breathe (Steve Cypress Remix)
  14. DJ Territo – My Love (Radio Version)
  15. Nadia – Amor (Alchemist Project Remix)
  16. Crush Your Head – Bring You Down (Michael Kruse Remix)
  17. Chris Cowley, Steve S. & Decibel Rockerz feat. Denyse LePage – Agent 101
  18. Phil Giava feat. Jacinta – You’re My Destination (Deep House Mix)
  19. Funky House Brothers – I Need Love (Alcatrapz Remix)
  20. Kenny Laakkinen feat. Damian Pipes – With the Lights Out (Extended Mix)
  21. Speed Master DJ – Indian (Radio Edit)
  22. Derek Palmer feat. Angel Falls – Wait for Us (Ticane’s No Rush Remix)
  23. Eternal Dreamer feat. Aloma Steele – Kiss Me (Dreamstep Radio Edit)
  24. Max Denoise feat. Angel Falls – Forgive You (Chill Around Mix)
  25. Mark Ganesh & DJ Preacher – Be-boy
  26. and many more…


Soundjungle Hits 2020 – our cooperation with the online-music mag and blog

SoundJungle – your music portal and song-scout. Day by day Soundjungle presents you the latest news and the hottest trends from the ‘World of Music’. The mag’s editorial department always combs the internet for exciting musical themes and popular hits from various genres. Whether EDM & Clubsounds, Rock & Alternative or Hip-Hop, whether RnB & Urban Sounds, Chill Out or Ambient & Downtempo – already finds tomorrow’s trends today!

In association with KHB Music & XWaveZ a 30-tracks containing compilation with a cross section of brandnew songs but also well-known songs from 2018, 2019 & 2020 will be released on 06. March 2020.

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