DJ Combo – 6 Years At KHB Music

6 Years At KHB Music
DJ Combo



DJ Combo ‚6 Years At KHB Music‘ – time to celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate! DJ Combo, alias Grzegorz Tarnik, has been working with KHB Music for 6 years. ‚6 Years At KHB Music‘ contains 20 great singles that the Polish star DJ and producer released during this creative phase. Finest electronic House and Dance music, which has caused a sensational feedback in the international club and radio scene in recent years and which was created in cooperation with renowned singers and producers.

The successful collaboration with the German Pop & Dance label began in 2015 with the song ‚Party Hard‘. Take a rest? Nope! DJ Combo has already started working on the next album, which will be called ‚Golden Covers‘. The first single on the album will be a cover version of the classic track ‚Popcorn‘, which he realised together with NaXwell & Sander-7.

The success story continues!


  1. DJ Combo & DJ Martz ft. Timi Kullai – Bright Side Of Life (Radio Edit)
  2. DJ Combo & DJ Merk ft. Timi Kullai – The Summer Is Magic 2k19 (NaXwell Remix Edit)
  3. DJ Nicolas, NaXwell, DJ Combo – Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Jason Parker Remix Edit)
  4. DJ Combo ft. MC Duro – Party Hard (Stephan F Remix Edit)
  5. DJ Combo & Maureen Sky Jones – Show Me Love (Radio Edit)
  6. DJ Combo ft. Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman De Vries, DJ Raphael – Happy People (Scheffler Electronics & Mossy Remix Edit)
  7. DJ Combo & DJ Raphael ft. Julie – XXX (Original Mix)
  8. DJ Combo & Papajam ft. Tony T & Dj Raphael – Boom Boom (Radio Edit)
  9. DJ Combo ft. Mr. Shammi & Maureen Sky Jones – Beautiful Day (Radio Edit)
  10. DJ Combo – Cha Cha Cha (Radio Mix)
  11. DJ Combo – See It Through My Eyes (Radio Edit)
  12. DJ Combo & SANDER-7 – Amazing Love (Radio Edit)
  13. DJ Combo & DJ Raphael feat. Anna del Rose – Trying (Radio Edit)
  14. DJ Combo feat. Maureen Sky Jones – Leave It (Andaro Remix)
  15. DJ Combo ft. Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman De Vries, DJ Raphael – Happy People (Radio Edit)
  16. DJ Combo, Sander-7 – La La Song (Radio Edit)
  17. DJ Nicolas, DJ Combo, Sander-7 – Shake It (Original Mix)
  18. DJ Combo & SANDER-7 – You & Me (Radio Edit)
  19. DJ Nicolas, DJ Combo, Sander-7 – Barcelona (Radio Edit)
  20. DJ Combo feat. MC DURO – Party Hard (Radio Edit)

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