B.INFINITE & FR3SH TrX – Alien Queen

Alien Queen

27. August 2021


  1. Alien Queen (Radio Edit) – 03:10
  2. Alien Queen (Extended Mix) – 4:23

Bio B.Infinite

Billboard-Artist, songwriter, producer and remixer with five No.1 hits in 2017 and 2018 alone.

B.Infinite having his roots in the Electronic production of Bass and Miami-Style, he goes way back in the early 90s as a Producer. In the end of 80´s he started out as a DJ collecting huge amount of Electro, Miami Bass and early Hip-Hop & Funk/Soul Records.

He was one of the first DJs in his area to play these kind of tunes and getting a real reputation as a progressive DJ being way ahead of his time. He always felt not challenged enough by only playing this music to this audience, so he soon felt the urge to get into the production sector to produce his own music. He was one of the pioneers in the late 90´s to also experiment with virtuals instruments, later to referred as Plug-In Synthesizers, believing that this can be the future of Electronic Music Production.


B.Infinite x FR3SH TrX ‘Alien Queen‘ – extraterrestrial good!

B.Infinite and FR3SH TrX have joined forces and started a collab over two tracks. Each of the two German producers started working on a track and the other completed it.

This is how the extremely club and radio-suitable tracks ‚Universe‘ (release: 08/10/21 XWaveZ) and ‚Alien Queen‘ emerged as a crossover of Electro House, Deep House and Trance elements. Both tracks have a strong topline and a very spacey sound design. B.Infinite and FR3SH TrX attached particular importance to the development of their own sound collages.

Both producers are so enthusiastic about the creative way of working that they have already announced follow-up projects.

The tracks skilfully combine the preferred styles and trademarks of the producers. B.Infinite has established himself as a NU disco specialist in recent years and has provided successful releases from the Future Pop genre, while FR3SH TrX with his two singles ‚Tonight in Los Angeles‘ and ‚It Burns Me‘, which fit somewhere between Deep House and Future House, has been able to conquer various mainstream radios and playlists.


FR3SH TrX is the brand new project from producer, guitarist and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. But it is not the first time that Sven has swapped the executive chair for the mixing console and the stage. He already had various dance charts placements with the Country-Techno project ‚Fortnox‘ in the 90s and was successful with the Power Pop band ‚Hella Donna‘. Hella Donna released four long players and 20 singles from 2004-2014, made appearances as opening act for mainstream bands like ‚Revolverheld‘, ‚Luxuslärm‘, ‚The Bohemians‘ and others, had a cooperation with the New European Westling League, for which they produced an anthem, and toured with the British Led Zeppelin tribute band ‚Letz Zep‘ through Europe. In addition to countless live appearances, there also had various TV appearances on PRO7, MDR, FAB, RNF, YagalooTV, Bubblegum TV and many others.

Hella Donna received several awards at the German Rock and Pop Prize in 2012 and 2013, including being the winner of the ‚Best Single‘ category. They also attracted attention internationally, including publications on renowned record labels, successful radio and TV airplay and collaborations, such as with the Grammy-winning producer Philip Larsen or the US rapper ‚NONE LIKE JOSHUA‘.

In 2012 the song ‚Not the Cure‘ was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA), in 2013 her Minecraft song ‚Block by Block‘ received a nomination in the ‚Best Song-Video Game‘ category and her track ‚Lights , Camera & Action‘ in the Pop category. With Hella Donna, Sven as mastermind of the band experienced a personal musical highlight through the nomination in Los Angeles, as FR3SH TrX he  gets started with a new genre and the songs ‚Tonight in Los Angeles‘ & „It Burns Me“.

FR3SH TrX on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fr3sh.trx/

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