FR3SH TrX – Far Apart

Far Apart

17. May 2024


  1. Do It (Radio Edit) – 02:52
  2. Do It (Extended Version) – 03:07


FR3SH TrX Unveils „FAR APART“ – An Ode to Loneliness and Desire in Melodic Techno Style

Following the unexpected success of his last single „The Vanishing,“ the emerging Melodic Techno artist FR3SH TrX now delivers another compelling track with „FAR APART.“ This time, he swaps the distinctive speech vocals for a soul-stirring vocal line that vividly captures the deep loneliness and desires of the protagonist. Drawing inspiration from futuristic Sci-Fi elements, „FAR APART“ bridges the gap between real emotion and fictional storytelling. Set for release on May 17, 2024, under the label XWaveZ, the track promises to captivate listeners both emotionally and rhythmically.


FR3SH TrX is the project of producer, guitarist, and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. Sven, who already achieved various dance chart placements in the 90s with the country-techno project „Fortnox“ and was successful with the power-pop band „Hella Donna,“ has continually reinvented himself. Hella Donna released four long players and 20 singles, performed alongside notable artists such as Revolverheld and Luxuslärm, and amassed numerous TV appearances on networks like PRO7 and MDR. Awarded multiple times at the German Rock & Pop Prize and nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA), Hella Donna also made waves with releases on renowned labels and collaborations with figures like the Grammy-winning producer Philip Larsen.

As FR3SH TrX, Sven Hessel has boldly stepped into a new genre. With his debut single „Tonight in Los Angeles,“ he garnered international attention. To date, FR3SH TrX has presented 35 releases with over 14 million streams and more than 21,000 followers across all channels. His recent successes include singles „Playing Games,“ „You & Me,“ „Synthetic Dreams,“ and collaborations with Riitme on „Whatever you like“ and „Baby“ with Chris Rockford. Many of his tracks have placed in various dance charts, several of them in the top 10. His pieces enjoy airplay on more than 250 radio stations worldwide, further cementing his presence and popularity in the music scene.

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