O’Neal, FR3SH TrX

14. JUNE 2024


  1. Daylight – 02:40


**O’Neal & FR3SH TrX Present Their New Single „Daylight“**

Following the resounding success of their Future House hit „You Got Me,“ which garnered over 4.5 million streams on Spotify alone, O’Neal & FR3SH TrX return with their new single „Daylight.“ With this release, they once again set new standards in the Future House scene.

„Daylight“ combines emotional toplines with powerful beats and synths, offering the perfect blend of feeling and energy. This track is not only ideal for playlists and radio but will also captivate club audiences. The catchy melody and driving rhythm make „Daylight“ an essential track for all Future House fans.

The lyrics of „Daylight“ speak of the search for light and hope, of a new beginning and the transition to better times. The song describes an inner transformation and the return to daylight after a dark phase. It’s about liberation, blossoming, and renewal, symbolized by images like „Diamonds in the dusk“ and „Phoenix’s rising out the dust.“

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Bio FR3SH TrX & O`Neal

FR3SH TrX is the German producer, guitarist and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. Already with his singles he was able to achieve almost 12 Million streams on Spotify, 1.5 million streams on Tik Tok as well as various chart positions and worldwide airplay.

O’Neal’s real name is Thomas Brueggmann and he’s been stirring up the music scene since 2011. He has already charted on Dance-Charts.de and Music-Worx. He is also known as part of the ‘The North Works‘ project, or as a remixer, e.g. for Tosch, ‘der Kofler‘ and others. He is also active in the areas of mastering and audio engineering. After the success with the track ‘Love‘ by the North Works, he has started his first own project ‘O’Neal‘.

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