EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero – United Voices (Never let me down)

United Voices (Never let me down)
EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero

07. June 2024


EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero – United Voices (Never let me down)

EDM Lovers teaming up once again with Boysco & Cocinero – this time they are delivering something truly special – a thrilling action track that seeks its equal on the uptempo dance floors. Inspired by a heavily memorable monk choir, this track uses elements of modern action movie soundtracks, pumped through your speakers by a heavy load base drum, and decorated by a beauty of a piano hook line. You will feel chased by the crystal clear and super punchy baseline, and this song will not give you a second to rest. But it might leave you back open mouth, wondering what crazy 02:51min of music made you feel that great and that strong! Strong as United Voices!

EDM LOVERS is a music project of the two longtime DJs and producers Axel Breckmann and Adrian Koch from Germany, who’s passion for powerful club music and techno found a new stream of creativity. With EDM Lovers, they committed on delivering exciting and sometimes off-the-main floor tracks for and extra portion of beats, bass and great memories in your DJ set.

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