Boysco & Cocinero x JASHTECH – Drinks on Me (Black Card)

Drinks on Me (Black Card)
Boysco & Cocinero x JASHTECH

15. September 2023


  1. Drinks on Me (Black Card) – 02:34


Boysco & Cocinero x JASHTECH – Drinks on Me (Black Card)

Ready for a surprise? Here comes something to shake up the Tech House floors! This track is just right for the party of your life – Boysco & Cocinero are ready to join you together with their buddy JASHTECH. Drinks will go on them, and they do deliver nothing less than a firework of Tech House Party Sound, driving you crazy from the very first second. Catchy vocals, pushing shouts, big harmonies and not a single moment’s rest – all included, so let’s get started!

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