El DaMieN x DJ Combo x DJ Nicolas – Do You Remember

Do You Remember
El DaMieN x DJ Combo x DJ Nicolas



EL DaMieN, DJ Combo, DJ Nicolas ‘Do You Remember‘ – melancholic dance

With ‘Do You Remember‘ DJ Combo, DJ Nicolas and EL DaMieN release a track that combines autumnal thoughtfulness with finest, danceable groove.

The three DJs & producers have created a song that works in the club and on every playlist, because on the one hand it‘s an emotionally charged Pop song with an 80s vibe that invites you to listen, but at the same time it is quite danceable and creates a feeling of lightheartedness.


  1. Do You Remember (Radio Edit) – 02:30
  2. Do You Remember (Extended Mix) – 03:28
  3. Do You Remember (Instrumental Version) – 02:30
  4. Do You Remember (Instrumental Version Extended) – 03:28

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