MC DURO x DJ Combo – Darkness

MC DURO x DJ Combo

15. April 2022


  1. Darkness (Radio Edit) – 02:40
  2. Darkness (Extended Mix) – 03:37
  3. Darkness (MC DURO Retrowave Remix) – 02:38
  4. Darkness (Instrumental Version) – 02:40
  5. Darkness (Instrumental Extended Version) – 02:37


MC DURO x DJ Combo – Darkness

„Darkness“ is the name of the new collab between MC Duro & DJ Combo and this track has it all! Driving beats, fresh synths with a slight retro touch and the unique vocals by Dušan Pavlica, aka Dj Culture, make this track a potential chart breaker.

The formation from the Czech Republic and the Polish DJ and producer already had their first joint release via KHB Music in 2015. Now they rock the clubs & playlists with the new track „Darkness“ which will be released by the KHB sub & club label XWaveZ.

There is also a mega-lavishly designed and futuristic music video for „Darkness“, which the artists from MC Duro have been working on for more than a year, including flying cars!

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