FR3SH TrX – Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Remix)

Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Remix)

29. March 2024


  1. Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Remix)
  2. Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Extended Remix)


„Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Remix)“ by FR3SH TrX & Rayman Rave: The Soundtrack for Unforgettable Club Nights

The dance music world welcomes an exciting new release: The RnB-Pop track „Bye Bye,“ originally released in 2023 by FR3SH TrX, has been reimagined by the talented Ukrainian producer and remixer Rayman Rave. Known for his impressive list of official remixes for artists like Jack Mazzoni, Geo Da Silva, and Loona, Rayman Rave transforms the song into a captivating dance hit that will shake every dance floor.

Rayman Rave, who started his career in May 2012 and was born on November 20, 1996, in Lugansk, Ukraine, brings his wealth of experience and distinctive style to this remix. With releases on leading labels such as Planet Dance Music and Mental Madness, and remixes on platforms like Ultra Music, Rayman Rave continues his track record of success and demonstrates his knack for danceable hits.

Now available on all digital platforms, the „Bye Bye (Rayman Rave Remix)“ promises to take clubs worldwide by storm and give fans nights to remember.

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