El DaMieN x DJ Combo x DJ Nicolas – Angels

El DaMieN x DJ Combo x DJ Nicolas



EL DaMieN, DJ Combo, DJ Nicolas ‘Angels‘ – paradisial party

Exactly two weeks after their last single, DJ Combo, DJ Nicolas and EL DaMieN release an absolutely danceable up-tempo track. ‘Angels‘ has an gorgeous drive from the first second on and the base keeps pumping through the entire song.

The three DJs & producers have created a smasher that perfectly works both on the playlist and in the club. ‘Angels‘ combines the catchiness of 1990s Eurodance and contemporary beats and synths.


  1. Angels (Radio Edit) – 02:51
  2. Angels (Extended Mix) – 03:22
  3. Angels (Instrumental Version) – 02:51
  4. Angels (Instrumental Version Extended)- 3:22

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