EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero – Your love gets me high

Your love gets me high
EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero

16. February 2024


  1. Your love gets me high (Original Mix) 02:53


EDM Lovers x Boysco & Cocinero Break New Ground with „Your Love Gets Me High“

A Nostalgic Dancefloor Filler That Transcends Time – Now Available on XWaveZ

With their latest track, „Your Love Gets Me High,“ EDM Lovers and Boysco & Cocinero are once again taking over dance floors around the globe. Released under the esteemed label XWaveZ, this track is a product of the creative genius of the producer dream team, Axel Breckmann and Adrian Koch. These two long-time DJs and producers from Germany, operating under the EDM Lovers moniker, have managed to bridge the gap between the past and future of dance music once more.

„Your Love Gets Me High“ is more than just another entry in the artists‘ discography – it’s a time machine that takes listeners back to the golden era of club music and offers a glimpse into the dancefloors of 2024. The single brims with energy, featuring a mix of powerful beats, captivating basslines, and a melody that lingers long in the memory. With this release, EDM Lovers commit to continuing to deliver exciting and sometimes off-the-main-floor tracks that add an extra dose of beats, bass, and unforgettable moments to any DJ set.

Available from February 16, 2024, on all major music platforms, „Your Love Gets Me High“ promises to be an essential part of any high-energy playlist. Be ready to be swept away by the magic of this track and dance the night away as if there’s no tomorrow.

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