Andy Van Dusk – Easy To Love

Easy To Love
Andy Van Dusk

Release Day:
26. January 2024


  1. Easy To Love (Radio Edit)
  2. Easy To Love (Extended Mix)
  3. Easy To Love (Fifthychild Remix Edit)
  4. Easy To Love (Fifthychild Remix)

Press Info (Deutsch / English)

Andy Van Dusk – Easy To Love

Der deutsche DJ & Produzent Andy Van Dusk alias Andre Heinle sucht ständig neue Herausforderungen für seine noch kommenden Projekte.

Anfang 2023 lernte der gebürtige Fuldaer ganz zufällig den Hands Up Produzenten „Fifthychild alias Mario Reinhardt“ aus Leipzig kennen, der nun mittlerweile zur „AVD Fam“ gehört wie er selbst zittiert.

Nun meldet er sich Anfang 2024 mit seiner neuen Single „Easy To Love“ zurück in der er mal wieder beweist wie viel Energie und Liebe in seinen Songs steckt.

Fifthychild Social Media

Andy Van Dusk Presents new track ‚Easy To Love

„German DJ & producer Andy Van Dusk, also known as Andre Heinle, is constantly seeking new challenges for his upcoming projects.

In early 2023, the native of Fulda serendipitously met Hands Up producer ‚Fifthychild, also known as Mario Reinhardt,‘ from Leipzig, who has now become part of the ‚AVD Fam,‘ as he himself quotes.

Now, he is making a comeback in early 2024 with his new single ‚Easy To Love,‘ in which he once again proves how much energy and love is infused in his songs.“

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