Lauren Mayhew X FR3SH TrX X O‘Neal – Let’s Talk About You

Let’s Talk About You
Lauren Mayhew X FR3SH TrX X O‘Neal

13. January 2023


Lauren Mayhew X FR3SH TrX X O’Neal Let’s Talk About You– international party anthem!

After their Future House hit „You Got Me“, which has reached 700k streams on Spotify alone, the two German producers FR3SH TrX  & O’Neal join forces with the American singer, DJane and actress Lauren Mayhew. „Let’s Talk About You“ is a dynamic Tech House track with Pop song structure that has an absolute hit potential and works in the club, on the radio and on every playlist. Lolo Mayhew refines the contemporary high-class production with her unique voice and her unmistakable style.

A remix release for „Let’s Talk About You“ will be released in February via the hip label XwaveZ/KHB Music.


The American singer Lauren „Lolo“ Mayhew is a DJane, actress and influencer and has appeared in well-known films and series such as American Pie: Bandcamp, Dexter, CSI or Blacklist. Also she has published over 200 songs. As a singer, she has supported Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Destiny’s Child and Aerosmith. For Aerosmith she was the opener at the Super Bowl.

FR3SH TrX is German producer, guitarist and KHB Music label owner Sven Hessel. With his debut single „Tonight in Los Angeles“ he was able to generate over 350k streams on Spotify, 1.4 million streams on Tik Tok as well as various chart positions and worldwide airplay. Through his own singles and collabs he has now reached well over 3.7 million streams.

O’Neal’s real name is Thomas Brueggmann and he’s been stirring up the music scene since 2011. He has already placed in various places on and Music-Worx. He is also known as part of the „The North Works“ project, or as a remixer, e.g. for Tosch, „der Kofler“ and others. He is also active in the areas of mastering and audio engineering. After the success with the track „Love“ by the North Works, he has now started his first own project „O’Neal“.

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Lauren Mayhew Bio:
Lolo Mayhew is an American Singer/DJ, Actress, & Content Creator. She has toured the US, South Africa, Belgium, Holland, Dubai, & Tokyo to enthusiastic crowds. She has also starred in Showtime’s „Dexter,“ „CSI,“ „Law and Order,“ FOX’s „9-1-1,“ NBC’s „Blacklist,“ & most recently, CBS’s „FBI:Most Wanted.“ She was previously signed to EPIC SONY & toured as an opening act with Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Destiny’s Child, and even opened up for Aeromsmith at the Super Bowl. Lolo is also an amazing songwriter, and has licensed over 200 original songs to film, TV, and commercials. Previously, Mayhew toured the globe as the Ring Announcer and National Anthem singer for WWE’s „Smackdown.“ Currently, she will be starring in Season 7 of Dreamworks hit TV series, „Trollstopia,“ on Hulu and Peacock. In addition, she has numerous successful singles, including her collaboration, „Hush,“ with Brazilian DJ duo (Catdealers), which has amassed upwards of 10MILL streams.

***Lolo has over 350k followers across her Social Media

Info FR3SH TrX & O’Neal:  soon

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