XEDM & FR3SH TrX – Dreamcatcher


03. November 2023


  1. Dreamcatcher (Short Mix)
  2. Dreamcatcher (Extended Mix)


XEDM & FR3SH TrX – Dreamcatcher

XEDM and Fr3sh TrX are impressively back with their fourth collab! “Dreamcatcher” starts off full of tension, with almost Rock-like vocals and then becomes a real Future Rave/Future House banger that is made for arenas! The track is bursting with energy and is immediately captivating.

Short bio: FR3SH TrX is the German producer and KHB-Music label owner Sven Hessel, who has been successfully publishing titles with his project Fr3sh TrX since 2021 and has got multi-million streams on Spotify. XEDM is a Taiwanese newcomer DJ & producer. Together, the two have already created a musical monument to “Taipei”, XEDM’s hometown, strengthened their collaboration with “I Can’t Believe It” and “The Unknown” and expanded the fan base in order to now hit the ground running with “Dreamcatcher”!

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